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Story Feature for Kids:

The girls are at it again. This time, they have built a 3 person Go Cart out of what most people would call a big pile of junk, yet the girls are resourceful and create a masterpiece of construction, except they forgot one thing, the brakes! With the neighborhood children cheering them on, Ronnie, Ree Ree and Kiki, head down the steep long hill. Will the three racer girls be able to avoid danger as they go faster and faster down the hill? Hear this exciting new Audio Tale by Mother Turtle! Illustration by Art Kedua *Scroll Down for More Children's Tales.


"Queen & I," a magical short story ocean adventure, about a young protege, traveling through time and space to find herself. "After spilling my guts to the Queen, I dropped to the ground and landed at her feet. Motionless I drowned in my shame as she slowly lifted me to what would be my salvation, my strength, my knowing..." Come on this fantastical journey of self discovery, all led by a Laughing Queen! Download as a pdf file or audiobook. Read by the author. 15+

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