Experience The Magical World Of Fluid Art

Private and Group Instruction

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PRIVATE INSTRUCTION: Available Mon-Sun Schedule Anytime! 1-4 people. Contact

Photos: Cora Chase, Patty Smythe, Jayne Rubenstein, Linda Upton Mixter

"This was such a great time - the instruction was really clear and helped us all get wonderful results every time we poured the paint - the gasps of delight at what manifested as we poured said it all. looking forward to the next class for sure - thanks to Marsia Shuron Harris for a wonderful afternoon of creativity" Lucy 

Experience the magical world of FLUID ART! This modern abstract art painting technique is "all the rage" these days. Come and see what all the excitement is about! Apply what you learn to your own art pieces, crafts, DIY home projects, etc. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. 

Are you someone who wants to bring more creativity into your life? Or are you an artist that is interested in new ways to enhance your art? Have you been wanting to try Acrylic Pouring? Do you crave hands on experience and real time instruction, where your questions are answered without the countless hours spent researching online? Save time (and money), and join fluid artist Marsia Shuron for this intro to "Paint Pouring." She will show you all that you need to know in order to get great pours. Bring your date, partner, friends... Everyone loves Fluid Art! 

You learn about:    

  • Supplies - learn what supplies you will need in order to start getting great results.    
  • Equipment and Tools - learn what equipment and tools to use, to get the most out of your pours.  
  •  Pouring Basics - learn about paints, resin, pouring mediums, additives, choosing your surface, paint consistency and how to get the right flow, torching, and more.    
  • Techniques - learn various pouring methods, including the dirty pour, flip cup, and more.    
  • Tips - to help save you time, and money too!    

In this class, you will learn techniques that will empower you to create great "Pours" on your own. You take home what you pour - after it dries. You can pick them up the next day, or make other arrangements with Marsia (due to the nature of Fluid Art, it is not possible to transport your wet and fluid painting, without altering it). SPACE IS LIMITED. Your completed Registration and Payment reserves your spot. Sign up below. Registration Required


    *Cancellations: refunds will be issued up until 5 days prior to the class. Thereafter, no further refunds can be made.​


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