What I'm doing now:

1. I am presently super focused on creating and teaching Fluid Art. Check out my Classes and "Whirldz of Imagination!" 

2. Still pursuiing the "Rise Up" In Every Language Challenge. Can you help? 

3. Scheduling "Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves" experiences. Ongoing 

4. Reimagining my first video series: Supper & Songs with Mother Turtle.  Thanks for tuning in.  

5. Finishing up "Cry for the Sea" with Steve Schwarzberg.  

6. Dreaming my intentions into being. Breathing deeply, observing my mind, having fun shifting stories and creating new intentions. Watching my life evolve and grow. Daily Practice

7. Staying connected to Source. Implementing a morning practice that helps me to focus and also energizes my day, as well as uplifts my spirit and motivates me to challenge myself and my fears. Pursuing effortless Alignment. Daily Practice  

8. Stepping away from social media (honestly, I've found this to be a little challenging, but I am being more productive for sure), and working on my art, getting together with friends, and appreciating the beauty of these hills and the silence, peace, and wonder of the natural world in which I live.    

*Thanks to composer Steven Cravis and indie music guru Derek Sivers for inspiring me to create this "Now" page. Both offer valuable resources for Independent musicians and Derek is the original owner of This is his new creation, the "Now" movement. It seems to be catching on and not only with musicians! Check it out: