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Mother Turtle Music

Latest Release:

Red Tent Temple  - written for the film
"Things We Don't Talk About"
Directed by Isadora Leidenfrost
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*Produced by Marsia Shuron Harris. Produced and arranged by Adrienne Zolondick. Recorded at Spirit Sound Recording, Conchtown Sounds, and Green Gold Records. Mixed by Dan Simpson at Private Ear Recording Studio, Key West. Mastered by Marisa D'ery at Tamar Mastering Boston.

Marsia  - vocals, guitar
Busta B. - drums
Adrienne - bass, acoustic guitar
Ray Blidenburgh - flute

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This song was inspired by the Red Tent Temple Movement created by ALisa Starkweather, and her vision of a Red Tent in every town, city and village. The Red Tent Temple is a place for all women. A place where women of all ages can come and be seen and supported by other women traveling this sacred journey of womanhood. The song touches on some of what happens in a Red Tent but most of all it shares the "feeling" that is experienced by being in a Red Tent. Women come back again and again because there is something that takes place there, something that feeds and nourishes the deepest part of who we are as women. If you have not experienced a Red Tent Temple, seek one out near you or even start one yourself for your community. You can find out more info about the RTTM at
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"Don't Cry For Me (Cry For The Sea)"
Presently recording this epoch ballad. Read more on the Now page!

This recording has been a long time in the making and is just about ready to be birthed. It's about time! Stay Tuned.

Mother Turtle Band
Atticus Robbins, Busta B., Mother Turtle, Peter Kim, with Jon Weeks and Marcio D'aLari

Mother Turtle performs solo and with the band. Her brand of soulrock is said to "be soulful enough to inspire even the most cynical bastard to dance" (Performer Magazine). Songs are rooted in personal growth, social consciousness, love and a larger vision for the world as a whole.  Blending soul, rock, acoustic and jazz, Mother Turtle attracts a variety of music fans and people of all ages dance to the infectious rhythms led by Mother's distinctive voice. Each member of Mother Turtle brings something different to the group, resulting in music that not only moves your hips, but your heart as well.


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Mother Turtle
: Atti, Bus, Mama T. and Peter Kim

                                     Mo Mother:                                           

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Mamma T. at the Red Tent Temple Movie Premier


Other Mother:

Aye: "Sweet Life" 2001

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Photo: Claire Muller

Photo: Claire Muller